The National Battlefield Coin Show™ is overjoyed to have Michael Bean, retired plate printer from the
Bureau of Engraving and Printing being a part of the inaugural show in Gettysburg, PA on September
20th and  21st.  Mike will be demonstrating how currency was made via intaglio printing on a 19th
century spider press.

Mike will be producing a special intaglio inaugural print for sale to the public. Mike will have a free raffle
for 100 limited edition engraved prints offered to those attending the show.
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Battlefield Coin Shows™
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New Market, MD  21774
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The National Battlefield Coin Show™
“Coin shows made into a family adventure!™”
Gettysburg, PA - September 20 & 21, 2014
Eisenhower Hotel and Event Complex
The National Battlefield Coin Show™ is located in the 48,000 square feet All Star Event Complex.  The
All Star Event Complex is located behind the Eisenhower Hotel and has room for over 600 dealer
tables.  Click on the link above for Dealers Attending, and, if you do not see your favorite dealer, ask
why they have not registered to be part of the inaugural National Battlefield Coin Show™.
We encourage you to bring the entire family and make it a family adventure!  There is a shuttle bus
which runs from the Eisenhower Hotel to downtown Gettysburg.  Take in the sites and visit the
Gettysburg National Battlefield after you have attended the show.

"Coin shows made into a family adventure!"
Fill the void left after the demise of the Whitman Philadelphia Coin Show with The National Battlefield Coin
Show!   The National Battlefield Coin Show will be the weekend in September which would have been the
Whitman Philadelphia Show.  
Beginning in 2015, the National Battlefield Coin Show™ in Gettysburg will be a 3 day event beginning
on Thursday and ending Saturday evening.  Dealer set up will be from 8-11am Thursday with the show
opening to the public at noon until 5:30pm and from 9:30am until 5:30pm on Friday and Saturday.

Future Dates:
2015  -  17, 18 & 19 September
2016  -  15, 16 & 17 September
2017  -  14, 15 & 16 September
2018  -  13, 14 & 15 September
FREE Appraisal Service
Have you wondered what the collection or accumulation you inherited is worth?  Several coin clubs have volunteered their time
to offer a FREE Appraisal Service at The National Battlefield Coin Show™ on Saturday, 20 September, 2014 from 10am until
3pm and Sunday, 21 September, 2014 from 10am until 2pm.  Please plan to arrive early for this service, as it will be publicized in
the local newspapers, on the radio stations and on the local television news.  

Appraisers are not there to purchase your coins, but to offer an expert opinion on their value.  Should you wish to sell your coins,
many show dealers will be glad to make an offer to purchase your coins.

This service is being offered as a community service by The National Battlefield Coin Show™ and local coin clubs.